Black Project’s 2020 SUP Race Fin Collection

For 10 years, Black Project has been on a non-stop mission to revolutionize SUP race fin performance.

With each passing year, our team remains dedicated to developing new technology, collaborating with our athletes and constantly striving to provide paddlers with a product that will significantly improve on-water performance and race results.

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2019 has been no different. Black Project’s elite team of engineers and professional athletes have been hard at work –– meticulously designing, testing and fine-tuning our existing fins, while also designing a brand new fin for 2020.

Constructed with Ultralight Carbon, featuring our proprietary, carbon-infused LiteCore technology, our 2020 race fins deliver superior speed, maneuverability and unmatched quality –– our finest collection of SUP racing fins yet.

Championship Results

The 2019 season has been a testament to our dedication and success. Black Project athletes including Sonni HönscheidFiona WyldeOlivia PianaConnor Baxter and Seychelle Webster have racked up big wins across the globe. Notable performances include Seychelle’s first APP World title; Baxter winning a Gold medal at the PanAm Games in Peru, and Black Project team athletes combining to win six Gold medals at the 2019 ICF World Championships in China. 

Of course, this follows a phenomenal 2018 season that saw our athletes win five SUP Racing World Titles using our Tiger and Sonic fins, further proof that Black Project is producing the fastest fins in the water. With a world-class team of professional paddlers, we are able to use their invaluable insight, feedback and innovation to better design every fin we produce.

In a competitive world where mere seconds make the difference between success and failure, elite athletes trust Black Project to get them across the finish line first.

Meet the Newest Addition

Connor Baxter took a lead role in the testing and development of the 2020 collection and we are excited to announce his brand new fin – The Condor.

Designed to better match the new style of raceboards coming to market in 2020, the Condor is our smallest race fin to date. It combines elements of both the Tiger and Sonic, providing top-level speed and maneuverability for elite paddlers with excellent board handling skills.

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Developed on Maui and throughout the latter half of Connor’s season––including successful events in Peru, Hood River and Japan––the final design is one that will give top paddlers a huge advantage. 

“The best part about the fin is the control it gives you, especially now that most boards are 14 feet long and high in volume. Whether you find yourself on a downwinder, in the surf zone or on flatwater, the Condor’s small outline and excellent maneuverability gives you 100% control, from buoy turns to rail steering.” said Baxter.


  • Reduced Cord Concept – 13 cm / 5.12 in compared with 16cm of the Sonic and 14cm of the Tiger.
  • Shorter cord enables increased speed and faster turning without sacrificing tracking.
  • Short fin base increases positional tuning options, even on boards with short boxes.
  • Smallest fin in the collection (18cm / 7.09” & 182cm2/ 28.21 in2  / 15% smaller than the Sonic)
  • Designed to give our team of elite professionals a competitive edge.
  • Developed by multi-time SUP Racing World Champion Connor Baxter, with additional input from Black Project athletes including Bart de Zwart, Seychelle, Martin Vitry, Fiona Wylde and more.

The Original Collection

Our 2020 collection builds upon the success of previous models and incorporates feedback from our expanded team of professional athletes. The result is a wide-range of tuning options for recreational racers and elite professionals alike. 


Our best-selling fin, the Maliko is built to give intermediate and advanced level paddlers a significant performance advantage in ocean or downwind conditions.  

Designed to excel in rougher water, the Maliko offers increased stability, enhanced maneuverability and longer glides. The curved and progressive 45° rake easily sheds kelp, while still helping paddlers achieve better board handling, track straighter and reduce the need for excess paddle changes, enabling them to power through chop more effectively.

When race conditions get ugly, the Maliko will help you paddle with confidence and perform your best.


  • Ideal for intermediate to advanced paddlers in ocean and downwind conditions.
  • Medium-sized fin (21cm / 8.27” & 223cm2/ 34.6 in).
  • Developed to increase control and speed while maintaining tracking and stability.
  • Top selling fin in 2019.


The Sonic is designed to produce blistering speed, enhanced flow and ultimate control –– especially in beach/surf races and downwind SUP racing. Ideally suited for advanced and professional paddlers with a high cadence, it has quickly become the fin of choice for many elite and professional SUP racers.

This fin is designed to offer paddlers a triple threat –– to better maneuver and connect bumps while downwinding, sprint faster on flat water and surf into the finish line with speed and style. As one of the smallest and loosest fins in the collection –– second only to the brand new Condor –– the Sonic frees up the tail of raceboards and encourages a dynamic, flowing and fast style of paddling.

With the combination of a race-proven foil and progressive 45° rake, experienced paddlers are enabled to take advantage of even the smallest bumps.


  • Designed for increased agility and flow to excel in ocean and surf racing.
  • ­One of our smallest fins (18cm / 7.09” & 214cm2/ 214 in).
  • Outline and foil designed to increase control and speed.
  • Winner of several high-profile downwind and ocean races including M20, M2M, PPG, Gorge Paddle Challenge, APP, PanAm Games and more.


When Black Project athletes recently won six Golds at the 2019 ICF World Championships, every victory was earned with a Tiger in the fin box. Optimized to maintain higher average speeds, promote faster buoy turns and deliver blistering sprint speed, the Tiger has proven to be dominant in both flat water and buoy courses. 

The Tiger’s proprietary foil technology generates increased lift and reduced drag, resulting in maximum speed with minimal effort. Designed to add tracking at speed and break free at low speeds, paddlers are empowered to attack buoy turns with confidence, before powering into the lead on the straights.

Offering a rare combination of high-performance maneuverability and race-winning speed, it’s no wonder why the Tiger keeps racking up World Titles.


  • Designed for speed and fast buoy turns, ideal for flat water and technical racing.
  • A small fin with a thinner foil (20cm / 7.87” & 216cm2/ 33.5 in).
  • Winner of numerous flat water and technical races including multiple APP, Euro Tour and ISA World Championship titles.
  • The most commonly used fin by professional paddlers.


Offering exceptional tracking, stability and speed, the RAY is designed for the intermediate paddler. 

While the increased depth and surface area will help you stay upright and tracking straight, its proprietary foil and low drag profile helps paddlers to gain speed with increased glide between stokes. 

The Ray shares much of its DNA with the smaller TIGER, but its larger size makes this an ideal change-up fin for choppy days or if you recently switched to a narrow board and are looking for more stability. And with a 35° rake, paddlers can speed up buoy turns while remaining balanced and in control. 


  • Designed for intermediate paddlers and those new to racing.
  • Biggest fin in collection (24cm / 9.45” & 283cm2/ 43.9 in).
  • Increased foil and surface area to enhance tracking and stability, ideal for windy and rough days.
  • Remember, you are not fast if you are falling off.