Black Project’s 2021 SUP Paddle Collection

A message from Black Project Founder – Chris Freeman @chrisk97

I am proud to introduce our 2021 collection of high-performance SUP paddles. Each one of these innovative products has been meticulously designed and tested to ensure the highest quality and ultimate on-water performance.

We believe every paddler, regardless of skill level, benefits from lighter, stronger and more efficient paddles and fins. With a lethal combination of cutting-edge technology and real-world feedback from our elite team of professional athletes, we are able to better design every paddle and fin we produce. The result is a collection that delivers superior speed, maneuverability and unmatched quality, a paddling experience that can only come from Black Project.

After winning 19 World Titles in 2018-2019, we were eager to build upon that success in 2020. But like so many people around the world, we were forced to take a step back when Covid-19 put a halt to our plans. Despite the headwinds, we hunkered down and focused our energy into what we do best, product development.

14 World Titles In One Year Is Not Just Impressive, It’s Unprecedented

We were determined to design a race paddle that was smoother, lighter and faster than anything ever built. A blade design so innovative, it could only be described as game changing. After months of tweaking and testing, our brand new Hydro FlowX exceeded our expectations and we are confident will do the same for you. It delivers a whole new paddling experience.

Hydro FlowX – A Paddle Like No Other

In addition to releasing the Hydro FlowX, we also created the Paddle Bag. Designed for paddlers on-the-go, this variable length bag includes several helpful features including two individually padded paddle sleeves and external mesh pockets to hold your phone, keys, fins, leash, and even a rash guard. It’s the most efficient and safest way to travel with your paddle.

Introducing the Paddle Bag

As we near the end of our tenth anniversary, I am incredibly proud and thankful for our continued opportunity to enhance the sport of standup paddling for all. We will continue working to secure our long-term success by testing the limits of innovation; while simultaneously reducing our impact on the environment and operating in a socially conscious way.

2021 SUP Paddles

Hydro FlowX – Faster and 4% Lighter

Featuring a completely reimagined design, the Hydro FlowX is a paddle unlike any other.

At first glance, your eyes will pop at the feature on the neck of the blade––an innovative new design that we call Advanced Flow Technology (AFT). It is designed to significantly increase paddle efficiency and smoothness by reducing turbulence and unwanted blade movements.

Next, you’ll notice another major structural update––the Deep Power Scoop (DPS) on the blade face. Featuring a deep scoop design with dihedral edges, it delivers power in a controlled manner and works in harmony with our Advanced Flow Technology to create a first-of-its-kind, three-dimensional paddle design.

The combination of the flow technology and deep scoop produces a fluid paddle stroke which reduces energy usage while increasing forward thrust. The outcome is significantly less paddler fatigue – enabling you to paddle longer, faster and more often than ever before.

We overhauled our construction and introduced new materials and a redesigned layup to achieve the optimal balance, flex and weight ratios. Thanks to the new TEXCARBON 30T2 construction, the new paddle is approximately 4% lighter (starting at 340gr / 12 oz.) than an equivalent size of the original Hydro.

This is the paddle which our racing athletes will be using for the 2021 season.

Key Facts

  • Available in XL, L, M, M-Slim, S, S-Slim and XS-Slim.
  • Advanced Flow Technology (AFT).
  • Deep Power Scoop (DPS).
  • Newly enhanced TEXCARBON 30T2 construction.
  • All sizes available in 3-piece travel option.
  • Hot glue construction.
  • Weight from 340 grams (12 oz.).

HYDRO – Proven Winner For Racing & Flatwater Recreation

Whether paddling for fitness or aiming to win races, our HYDRO race paddle is the secret weapon you want to have.

With a generous sweet spot and industry-leading power per square inch, our Scooped Dihedral blade shape produces better propulsion, reduced fatigue and a stable pull

Constructed using Black Project’s proprietary TEXCARBON construction, the HYDRO is one of the lightest race paddle on the market. Weighing from just 375 grams (13 oz), paddlers can maintain a higher cadence for a longer period of time––a huge advantage during tough upwind stretches or during all-out sprints across the finish. The Hydro is also available in our REFLEX100 construction.

The Hydro was used by 2019 world champions – Seychelle WebsterOlivia PianaChristian Anderson, and Rai Taguchi.

Key Facts

  • Sizes: XL, Large, Medium, Medium-Slim, Small, Small-Slim, XS-Slim.
  • 1-piece available in TEXCARBON & REFLEX construction.
  • All sizes now available in 3-piece travel option.
  • Weight from 375 grams (13.2 oz.).

SURGE – Surfing

Lightweight and strong, the SURGE was designed to meet SUP surfers’ specific needs and has become the paddle of choice for many APP World Tour athletes including; Mo FreitasLeco SalazarLara ClaydonVania Torres Olivieri and more. 

Scooped dihedral blade shaping holds water in the power phase, delivering that quick acceleration needed to scratch into a set wave or escape the impact zone. To improve stability, the extended tapered scoop ensures you’ll get the most out of each stroke, even if you don’t get the full blade in the water.

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Weighing from just 350 grams (12.3 oz), the SURGE is the lightest surf paddle on the market but doesn’t sacrifice durability in the process. This rare combination of toughness and performance is made possible by our proprietary TEXCARBON construction — Black Project’s lightest and strongest construction yet.

New for 2021 is our reduced diameter HEX join, enabling us to offer all sizes in our 3-piece travel option.

Key Facts

  • Sizes: XL, Large-Slim, Medium-Slim, Small-Slim, XS-Slim.
  • 1-piece available in TEXCARBON & REFLEX construction.
  • All sizes now available in 3-piece option.
  • Weight from 350 grams (12.35 oz.).

LAVA – All Water

Versatile, strong and lightweight, the LAVA is your best bet if you want one paddle to do it all.

This full carbon paddle shares much of the same DNA as our premier race and surf paddles (HYDRO and SURGE), but features a more forgiving blade design that’s better suited for a less aggressive and lower cadence paddle stroke. 

With vivid artwork, this do-it-all paddle stands out from the pack whether on the water or on the sand. The Lava adjustable and 3-piece adjustable paddles both feature our completely redesigned ergonomic clamp system which is available on both standard and slim shaft options. 

Key Facts

  • Sizes: Large, Medium, Medium-Slim, Small-Slim.
  • 90% Carbon.
  • Available in Fixed, Adjustable & 3-Piece Adjustable.
  • Optimized adjustment ranges for each blade size: Large 185 – 215cm (73 – 85″); Medium 175cm – 205cm (69 – 81″), Small 165cm – 195cm (65 – 77″).
  • Palm and T handle options.
  • Slimline non-twist adjustment system.
  • Weight from 425 grams (15 oz) 

OHANA – Recreational

Designed to maximize family fun while minimizing cost, the OHANA is the ultimate entry-level paddleLightweight and durable, it represents a big performance upgrade over other entry-level paddles on the market.

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In addition to vivid artwork, our REFLEX UD Medium flex shaft will provide paddlers with enhanced performance and durability. The Ohana features our completely redesigned ergonomic clamp system.

Key Facts

  • Sizes: Large, Medium, Medium-Slim, Small-Slim.
  • 60% Carbon.
  • Available in Fixed, Adjustable & 3-Piece Adjustable.
  • Optimized adjustment ranges for each blade size: Large 185 – 215cm (73 – 85″); Medium 175cm – 205cm (69 – 81″), Small 165cm – 195cm (65 – 77″).
  • REFLEX UD Medium Flex shaft.
  • Palm and T handle options.
  • Slimline non-twist adjustment system.
  • Weight from 475 grams (16.8 oz).

TRAVEL – Race, Surf & Recreational

Our TRAVEL paddles are built for those wanderlust souls who believe the only thing better than paddling, is paddling halfway around the world.

Assembly of our travel paddle takes only seconds, as the HEX join and push pins securely lock the shaft together without any movement. As an added bonus, our Hydro FlowX, Hydro, Surge and Lava travel paddles also come with plane-ready cases, making it the ultimate paddle to perform and explore wherever your travels take you.

Key Facts

  • Fixed length & Adjustable options.
  • HEX join for precision and secure join.
  • All paddles are now available in a 3-piece travel option. 
  • From 575 grams.

GROM – Kids

Built for the next generation of standup paddlers, the GROM paddle is specifically tailored for kids.

The GROM features a carbon blade and reduced diameter fiberglass shaft which is designed for added flex that is ideal for smaller paddlers.

Thanks to popular demand the GROM is now available in two options – The Grom Hydro XS for the budding racer and the Grom Surge XS for all round use and young SUP surfers.

The XS blades gives smaller paddlers the power and comfort they need, while the red shaft ensures your grom stands out on the water.

New for 2021 SUP paddles is the three-piece version, ideal for travel and easy storage. Don’t skimp out by trying to cut down a heavy adult paddle, start your grom off the right way and get them hooked on a sport they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. The Grom also features our completely redesigned ergonomic clamp system.

Key Facts

  • Size: XS.
  • Available with 12k carbon blade and two tone fiberglass shaft.
  • Available in Adjustable (145 – 175cm / 57 – 69″).
  • Now available in 3-piece travel option.
  • Reduced Diameter Shaft.
  • Suitable for ages 5 to 14 years.
  • Slimline non-twist adjustment system.
  • Weight 520 grams (18.3 oz).

SCHOOL – Schools & Rental

The SCHOOL SUP paddle has been designed to meet the needs of first-time paddlers and SUP rental/school businesses. This stiff and powerful plastic blade is designed to help beginners correct their stroke, while the soft rubber edge reduces damage on boards, paddles and bodies.

Featuring 30cm (12 in) of adjustment, this paddle can be sized to fit clients of all heights. Cost effective and durable, this SUP paddle can also be customized to meet your specific needs and branding. 

The School paddle also features our completely redesigned ergonomic clamp system.

Key Facts

  • Size: Large 95 in2 (624cm2)
  • FG Shaft with plastic blade.
  • Dihedral blade shaping.
  • Durable plastic blade with rubber edge protector.
  • Textured plastic palm handle for comfort & grip.
  • Available in adjustable & 3-piece adjustable.
  • 185cm – 215cm (73 – 83″)
  • Fiberglass Standard Diameter Shaft (SDS).
  • New slimline non-twist adjustment system.
  • Customizable to meet your specific needs/branding.
  • Weight 790 grams (27.9 oz).