3-Piece SUP Travel Paddles

High performance, lightweight, carbon 3-peice travel SUP Paddles for easy storage & travel

Our 3-Piece SUP Travel Paddle range is designed for paddlers who want the performance of a 1-piece paddle but the convenience of three pieces. Our innovative 3-piece SUP travel paddles are lighter, stronger and pack smaller than other paddles. Thanks to our HEX join system our joints have zero movement delivering 1-piece performance in a paddle which you can pack easily for storage or travel. 3-piece SUP paddles are Ideal for paddlers with inflatable paddle boards or limited storage space. Our 3-piece padded travel bag protects your paddle and is ready for the plane. The SUP travel paddle range includes a number of options including 3-piece adjustable and 3-piece fixed length versions. Our fixed length travel paddles use two of our HEX joins and are cut to your designed length.

3-Piece Adjustable Travel SUP Paddles (1 x HEX)

Adjustable, lightweight, carbon travel SUP Paddles

The LAVA & OHANA paddles are available as a 3-piece adjustable travel paddle. These are the lightest and smallest packing travel paddles available. The Lava packed to a maximum length of 32 inches (81.3cm) while the Ohana packs even shorter to 30 inches (76.2cm) which is small enough to put inside many suitcases or inside inflatable board bags. Our adjustable 3-piece paddles feature our No-Twist adjustment system which offers a large 50cm (20 in) adjustment range. The innovative HEX join with push pin assembly produced a zero-movement join. These paddles assemble in seconds, are lightweight, strong and perfectively balanced to deliver 1-piece performance in a convenient travel and easy storage package. Finally there is a 3-piece SUP travel paddle which you can use every day.

Fixed Length Travel SUP Paddles (2 x HEX)

1-piece performance SUP race & surf paddles with two convenience of 3-pieces

The HYDRO race & SURGE surf SUP paddles are available in our 3-piece fixed length option. These unique SUP travel paddles feature two HEX joins and are cut to match your desired length. By eliminating the adjustable section and using carbon joins these paddles are the lightest 3-piece travel SUP paddles available and offer 1-piece performance in a convenient plane ready package. The HEX joins and push pin construction means that your travel paddle assembles in seconds and has a sleek 1-piece look, feel and performance. The 2 x HEX paddles are incredibly lightweight, for example a Hydro 78 cut to 75″ is 561 grams (19.8 oz) only 153 grams (5.40 oz) heavier than the regular 1-piece version (408 grams / 14.4 oz). Each paddle is custom built to ensure the perfect fit and performance.