Black Project’s 2020 SUP Surf Fin Collection

In developing our range of surf fins we worked with two very different types of surfers; Zane Schweitzer and Bernd Roediger, this resulted in two very different types of fin sets.

Each set of fins is carefully designed to exaggerate a different aspect of surfing and best suit different surfing aims.

The result is surf fins which are conceived and engineered to make you a better SUP surfer.

To select a set of SUP surfing fins which best compliments your style, first you need to answer some questions about how you like or want to surf.

Are you:
Prioritizing speed or flow?


Gradual point breaks or steeper beach breaks?

Aiming for:

Smooth, stylish turning or aggressive, critical maneuvers?

The answer to these questions, should factor into your decision when picking a set of SUP surfing fins, as finding a setup that caters to how you surf and where you surf can drastically improve your surfing performance and lead to greater enjoyment of the sport.

ZANE – Thruster & Quad

The Zane model offers speed and pivot, excelling in fast, critical waves. Designed to match an explosive surfing style, the Zane fins utilize an upright template and 32.5° of rake to increase pivot for fast and explosive turns, especially suitable for hollow waves and beach breaks.

The upright template and shallow rake are designed to increase pivot ability for snappier, more explosive turns in steeper surf. Zane used the model to win the ISA World SUP Surfing Championship at Cloudbreak in Fiji and surfs with them daily.

Surf style: High-performance / progressive

Aggressive equipment is the catalyst to aggressive performance. For any surfer interested in progressive, high-intensity shortboard-style SUP surfing, the ZANE model will help you get there.

It works best in more powerful conditions that enable surfers dig deep into turns and helps with faster, more critical maneuvers.

Conditions: Beach breaks, barrels, critical waves

The ZANE model is the fin choice for high-performance SUP surfing in critical surf with tight pockets, barrels and steep wave faces. The quad setup works best for down the line stability, barreling and bigger waves. For rapid, pinpoint turns in tight pockets, try them in a thruster setup.

Key Facts:

  • Designed for Zane Schweitzer SUP Surfing World Champion.
  • Upright 32.5° template for increased pivot
  • Ultralight Pro Carbon Construction with Lite Core Technology.
  • Ideal for fast, hollow waves with critical sections as well as beach breaks.
  • Available in SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE & X-LARGE.

BERND – Thruster

If you’ve ever witnessed Bernd Roediger SUP surf you’ve seen the epitome of classic, free flowing style and speed. We designed the Bernd model specifically to enhance this style of surfing.

Geared to augment a flowing surf style, the laid back template is designed to hold tight in long, powerful carves, with added flex in the tip to help the surfer engage with flow between sections.

The Bernd fins feature a laid back template with 37.5° of rake (sweep) that increases hold and promotes carving turns. The increased rake and tip flex help you engage and flow between sections, making these fins especially suitable for open faces, point breaks and reef breaks.

Surf style: Powerful carves and fast flow

Whether digging into a bottom turn, sweeping through a cutback or finessing down the line mid-face, the Bernd fins are designed to promote a smooth, flowing style. The elongated template helps increase acceleration out of turns and stability in transitions for fluidity between maneuvers that enables a classic surf style.

Conditions: Pointbreaks, open-faced waves

Pointbreak surfing often involves longer walls with more shoulder and an open-wave face. The Bernd fins are designed to draw steady lines on these larger canvases with flowing carves and seamless transitions.

Key Facts:

  • Designed for Maui based waterman Bernd Roediger.
  • Laid back 37.5° template for enhanced flow & carving.
  • Ultralight Pro Carbon Construction with Lite Core Technology.
  • Ideal for point breaks and open faced waves.
  • Available in SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE.

Surf Fins That Are Lighter & More Responsive

Both models are constructed in our Ultralight Carbon, featuring our proprietary carbon-infused LiteCore technology, which enables us to reduce weight, increase strength and precisely control flex for maximum performance. Weighing in at only 125 grams per set (4.4 oz), these are the lightest surf fins available.

Compare Fins

ZANE Thruster ZANE Quad BERND Thruster
Style High-performance / progressive High-performance / progressive Powerful carves and fast flow
Wave Beach breaks, barrels, critical waves Bigger, more risky waves & barrels Pointbreaks, open-faced waves
Speed High High Medium
Hold Medium High High
Pivot High Medium Medium
Flow Medium Medium High
Flex Medium Medium Flex Tip
Rake 32.5° 32.5° 37.5°
Material Carbon with LiteCore Carbon with LiteCore Carbon with LiteCore
Weight From 125 grams (4.4 oz) From 200 grams (7.0 oz) From 125 grams (4.4 oz)
So if you’re ready to take your SUP surfing to the next level, set yourself up for success with Black Project’s SUP surfing fins.