Lightweight & durable SUP paddle perfectly optimized for kids so they can progress quickly

Built to encourage the next generation of paddlers, the Grom paddle was designed specifically for kids. Featuring a slim-fit fiberglass shaft for more flex and comfort combined with a carbon reinforced blade for enhanced performance.

The XS blade, ideal for kids and smaller paddlers is now available in both Hydro and Surge options and gives smaller paddlers the power and comfort they need. The red shaft ensures your kids stands out on the water. The Surge version is ideal for all-round recreational use and surfing while the Hydro version is best suited for aspiring young racers.

With 30cm (12″) of anti-twist adjustment the Grom paddle will suit all your kids and adjust as they grow.

Set at a low price point, the Grom paddle will start your little paddler off the right way and get them hooked on a sport they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.






Best For: Serious paddlers who want the very best performace for racing & touring with reduced fatigue. Paddlers who want to improve their SUP surfing & stay on the water longer & catch more waves. Paddling in a wide range of environments, surfing one day, cruising the next & racing at the weekend For those who need a paddle for all occasions and the entire family. Feature packed at an attractive price. Designed for kids. Perfectly optimized for the next generation of paddlers so the they can progress quickly & safely.
Suitable For: Advanced to professional athletes. Advanced to
professional athletes.
Intermediate to
expert paddlers.
Beginner to
advanced paddlers.
Sizes Available XL, Large, Medium, Small & XS XL, Large, Medium, Small & XS Large, Medium, Small Large, Medium, Small XS
Shaft Options Standard & Reduced Diameter Standard & Reduced Diameter Standard & Reduced Diameter Standard & Reduced Diameter Reduced Diameter
Flex Options Stiff, Medium & Soft Medium & Soft Medium Soft Extra Soft
Handle Options Palm T or Palm T or Palm T or Palm Palm
Construction TEXCARBON TEXCARBON 90% Carbon 60% Carbon 100% Fiberglass
Travel Option YES YES YES YES NO
Blade Angle (degrees) 10° 10°
Weight (gr / oz) From 350 / 12.35 From 350 / 12.35 From 450 / 15.9 From 550 / 19.4 500 / 17.64
Warranty 1yr 1yr 1yr 1yr 1yr
USA Retail (Ex Tax) From $450 From $450 From $300 From $225 $200.00
  • Use: All-round
  • Rider Level: Beginner to Advanced.
  • Suitable for ages 5 to 14 years
  • Blade: Surge XS or Hydro XS
  • Adjustable 145 – 175cm (57″ – 69″)
  • Scooped Dihedral blade shaping
  • Lightweight flexible & strong fiberglass shaft
  • Carbon reinforced blade for increased performance and strength.
  • Slim-fit Shaft (RDS) for smaller hands.
  • Weight from 500 grams (17.64 oz)