SUP Surfing Fins

Carbon Thruster & Quad SUP surf fins for fast & tight turns.

The ZANE SUP Surf fins were designed for SUP surfing world champion Zane Schweitzer. Optimized for fast, tight turns in critical sections. Zane used these surf fins to become ISA SUP Surfing World Champion.

Built in our ultralight carbon construction featuring our LiteCore technology weighing in from only 125 grams per set (4.4 oz) these the lightest surf fins available. The Zane fins sets are available in both Thruster and Quad options.

The Zane surf fins were designed to emphasize his aggressive SUP surfing style and feature an upright template with 32.5° of rake. The upright nature of these fins increases pivot for fast and explosive turns, especially suitable for hollow waves and beach breaks.

SIZES: SMALL (89cm²), MEDIUM (94cm²), LARGE (99cm²) & X-LARGE (105cm²)

BASES: FCS, Futures and US/Longboard (rear only)

Size Kg Lbs
Small 30 – 60 65 – 130
Medium 50 – 80 110 – 175
Large 70 – 100 155 – 220
XL 90 – 120 200 – 265
ZANE Thruster ZANE Quad BERND Thruster
Style High-performance / progressive High-performance / progressive Powerful carves and fast flow
Wave Beach breaks, barrels, critical waves Bigger, more risky waves & barrels Pointbreaks, open-faced waves
Speed High High Medium
Hold Medium High High
Pivot High Medium Medium
Flow Medium Medium High
Flex Medium Medium Flex Tip
Rake 32.5° 32.5° 37.5°
Material Carbon with LiteCore Carbon with LiteCore Carbon with LiteCore
Weight From 125 grams (4.4 oz) From 200 grams (7.0 oz) From 125 grams (4.4 oz)